Son Loto

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Son Loto
Role: Spriter
Wiki Strike Team (formerly)
Also known as GamingBum
Discord: Son Loto#5965

Son Loto is a spriter and a former member of the Wiki Strike Team for Mega Man Maker.

Son Loto was selected by Midas Magnezone and Goldstorm as one of the users who would help with the wiki restoration after the server got damaged on July 7, 2021. During his time there, he helped by posting some images and cache copies of Wiki articles, but he later stepped down from the position. He was hired as a spriter on March 22, 2022 to help with tilesets and backgrounds. Previously to being hired, he made several interpretations of tilesets and backgrounds as if they were submitted for Mega Man Maker.


Level objects

Icon Level object Contributions Added in Version Notes
Bell Ringer Sprites 1.8.0