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Role: Artist (formerly)
Also known as Rolando Ortiz
Discord: BNMotive#9409
Website: ArtStation


BNMotive is a freelance designer and multimedia designer. He is a promotional artist for Mega Man Maker who applied for the role in a call for an artist to create artwork for trailers and other announcements during 1.6.0's development and was hired on December 1, 2019. He resigned sometime in 1.8.0's development.

BNMotive worked on the video game Ruin of the Reckless for Faux Operative Games.

For the release of version 1.6.0, he created an image of Mega Man holding a Ring Man tile, Proto Man, and Bass having fun with Pointans as promotional artwork. With his artwork, BNMotive intended to present a peaceful celebration of the Mega Man series by showing the characters having fun. For the server overhaul announcement, BNMotive helped Alex and BigMaster with a promotional picture by making the final version and the colors.

Despite not being focused on spriting, he alongside E-Clare and BushBacon made sprites for Roll.



Icon Character Contribution Version Notes
RollIcon.png Roll Sprites 1.7.0 Alongside E-Clare and BushBacon