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BushBacon's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Moderator
Challenge judge (formerly)
Also known as Noah Jurek
Discord: BushBacon#1399

BushBacon is a moderator and spriter for Mega Man Maker. As a moderator, he focuses on the Mega Man Maker Official Server and is a former global moderator. He has also helped out on the the forums and the wiki. Upon noticing the server's need for help, BushBacon reached out to AwaggKing and WreckingPrograms and was trialed as a moderator for nearly two weeks starting July 27, 2018. He was then formally promoted to the moderation team on August 8, 2018.

BushBacon was one of the judges on the challenges "Wily Construction Co" and "Nature's Wrath", also putting together the promotional art for the latter. He was an assistant on Level Creation Contest 2019. He worked closely with Aze during this period, planning each event and overlooking both rulesets and the submitted levels together, although he resigned from that position during the event.

As a moderator, BushBacon was a leading advocate for the staff role rework that ultimately resulted in Discord, forum, and wiki moderators all being treated separately, as well as the inception of a new global moderator role for those considered most trustworthy. Furthermore, this rework made it so developers were no longer given full moderator access to all social platforms by default upon admission to the team. BushBacon also fought for the distinction to be made between channels for art and Mega Man Maker streams in the Discord server, a long sought-after community change.

Before being hired as a spriter, BushBacon created sprites of Roll replacing many of Bass' sprites for Objectionable's Roll Over Bass mod for version

Due to his decision to become less active on Discord, BushBacon resigned as a moderator on February 10, 2020, citing increasing levels of stress as he accepted more responsibilities in his life. However, he returned on April 21, 2020 due to having an excessive amount of free time, caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. BushBacon would later be brought onto the development team as a spriter on July 18, 2020, partly to assist in Roll's sprite. During 1.7.0's development, he submitted various tilesets and backgrounds from the NES Mega Man games, some of which were edited by BigMaster in order to make them work better with the autotiler. BushBacon' screen was used for the live stream where developers answered questions from the community and showcased 1.7.0 a day before release.



Icon Boss Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Freeze Man Sprites 1.7.0 Particles and effects, edited from BigMaster


Icon Weapon Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Freeze Cracker Sprites 1.7.0
Magic Card 1.8.0
Spread Drill
Über Chain Poses for Proto Man and Bass

Level objects

Icon Level object Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Explosive Crate Sprites 1.8.0


Icon Character Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Roll Sprites 1.8.0 Alongside E-Clare and BNMotive

Example Levels

Level Added in version Note(s)
Blast from the Past 1.7.0
Flappy Phoenix
Wall Kicks Will Work

Challenge events

Contest Year Roles
Wily's Construction Co. 2018 Judge
Nature's Wrath 2019 Judge
Level Creation Contest 2019 2019 Judge and assistant (formerly)