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Alex's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Server admin
Discord: Alex#5710

Alex, or Alexander, is the main server manager of Mega Man Maker.

Alex created the database and server application for Mega Man Maker levels and the Online function. He also was one of the creators of the forums alongside WreckingPrograms and Mors.

In 2019, Alex fixed the problem that made every user have the same IP to some extent. While old users would have the same forum IP, the forums would now register new IP addresses. This was done to facilitate IP bans without banning all the users.

Alex and Goldstorm programmed the network broker for the main feature of 1.6.0, Build Online.

During 1.7.0, Alex, Goldstorm and WreckingPrograms worked on overhauling the server in order to optimize its search functions and its speed while allowing a reporting system. They reworked the Wily Challenge. For the new server features announcement, Alex proposed a promotional picture with Dr. Light and Dr. Wily with a server structure and made a drawing for it. BigMaster offered to digitalize it, but he would later leave the final retouches and the coloring to BNMotive. Alex and BigMaster modified a sprite of Dr. Light to make him look angry for a scene.



Content Added in version Notes
Online functionality 1.0.0
Network broker programming 1.6.0 Alongside Goldstorm


Artwork Contributions(s) Notes
1.7.0 Server overhaul artwork Base artwork Initial inking by BigMaster, colors and final outlines by BNMotive