Mad Man

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Mad Man(M.A.G.E)
Mad Man.png
Role: Discord moderator
Wiki moderator
Beta tester
Also known as M.A.G.E.
Gender: Male
Lives in United States
Discord: M.A.G.E#5298
Website: Twitch

Mad Man, also known as M.A.G.E from the DuoGE/EndermanGE YouTube channel, is a beta tester for Mega Man Maker and moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Server and the Mega Man Maker Official Wiki. He was accepted as a trial moderator on April 19, 2020 alongside HEX and was promoted to full moderator on May 9 of the same year alongside HEX and BushBacon. He then trialed for the wiki on May 28, 2020 and was promoted to full moderator on August 2, 2020.

After 1.6.0's release, Mad Man helped with testing the Build Online function. He later joined the development team as a beta tester on August 9, 2020, being selected before a public beta tester call was open the same day.