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Role: Beta tester
Programmer (minor)
Gender: Female
Known for Make a Good Mega Man Level
Discord: snoruntpyro#9758
Website: Twitter

SnoruntPyro is a beta tester for Mega Man Maker. She has also helped with flavor text, aesthetic assets and helped with programming. She entered the team during 1.0.0's development.

SnoruntPyro's prior experience in programming for the Make a Good Mega Man Level contests helped the Mega Man Maker development team to port features and assets from the engine used for the contests, the Megamix Engine. She has also programmed assets from the ground up for Mega Man Maker and implemented skins of assets such as level objects, especially many tilesets and backgrounds for 1.5.0 and 1.6.0.

SnoruntPyro participated in the Level Creation Contest 2017 and won third place in the non-traditional category for her level The Best Enemy Returns.


Content Contribution(s) Added in Version
Water variants Code 1.5.0
Icon Enemy Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
SprCatEnemiesIcons 113.png
Tsuranattori Code 1.4.0 Ported from the Megamix Engine, recoded by her
SprCatEnemiesIcons 109.png
Turbo Roader Ported from the Megamix Engine
SprCatEnemiesIcons 110.png
Kaminari Kogoro
SprCatEnemiesIcons 111.png
SprCatEnemiesIcons 112.png
Rabbiton 1.5.0
Penpen EV
Big Telly
Wall Teck
Nombrellan Spawner
Level Objects
Icon Level Object Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
SprCatGimmicksIcons 40.png
Coil Platform Code 1.3.0 Initial draft
Yoku Block 1.5.0 Skin implementation
SprCatGimmicksIcons 2.png
Conveyor Belt 1.6.0
Moving Cog
Icon Pickup Contribution(s) Added in Version
SprCatPickupsIcons 9.png
Health Spawner Code 1.3.0
SprCatPickupsIcons 10.png
Weapon Energy Spawner
Icon Background Contribution(s) Added in Version
MM1 Wily 2 BG Assembling 1.4.0
MM1 Wily 4 BG
MM3 Wily 4 BG 2
MM5 Wily 1 BG
Mr X 1 BG
Mr X 2 BG
MM6 Wily 4 BG
Icon Tileset Contribution(s) Added in Version
MM1 Wily 2 Tile Assembling 1.4.0
MM1 Wily 3 Tile
MM1 Wily 4 Tile
MM2 Wily 3 Tile
MM3 Wily 5 Tile
MM3 Wily 1 Tile 1.5.0
MM3 Wily 1 Tile 2
Cossack 2 Tile
Cossack 4 Tile
MM4 Wily 4 Tile
MM5 Wily 2 Tile
MM5 Wily 2 Tile (Alt)
MM5 Wily 4 Tile
Flame Tile
Flame Tile 2
Tomahawk Tile 2
Tomahawk Tile 2 (Alt)
Mr X 1 Tile
Strike Tile 1.6.0
Strike Tile 2
MM10 Wily 1 Tile
MM10 Wily 1 Tile 2
MM10 Wily 1 Tile 3
MM10 Wily 4 Tile
MM10 Wily 4 Tile (Alt)
MM10 Endless Tile 11
MM10 Endless Tile 12
MM10 Endless Tile 13
MM10 Endless Tile 14
MM10 Endless Tile 15
MM10 Endless Tile 16
MM10 Endless Tile 17
MM10 Endless Tile 18
MM10 Endless Tile 18 (Alt)
MM10 Endless Tile 19
MM10 Endless Tile 20
MM10 Endless Tile 21
MM10 Endless Tile 21 (Alt)
Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version Notes
Standup Comedy 1.1.0
Obligatory Boss Rush Level 1.5.0
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made key path 5 (teal teleporter)