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LF222's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Spriter (formerly=
Website: YouTube

LF222 is a former spriter for Mega Man Maker. He was hired alongside FakeVirus and MiniMacro during a call for spriters during 1.6.0's development.

In 1.6.0, he participated in making sprites for content from Mega Man 11, in addition to drawing some Profile icons. During 1.7.0's development, he was primarily focused on working on aesthetic assets from Mega Man Powered Up while he also made profile icons of Roll.

He is also an independent video game developer focused on creating sprite art and composing music.



Icon Boss Contribution Added in version Notes
Bounce Man Sprites 1.6.0 Alongside FakeVirus
Freeze Man 1.7.0 Edited by E-Clare


Icon Weapon Contribution Added in version Notes
Pile Driver Sprites 1.6.0 Alongside E-Clare and Eleven
Scramble Thunder
Tango Jump 1.7.0 Alongside E-Clare


Icon Background Contribution Added in version Notes
Block BG Sprites 1.6.0
Tundra BG Edited from MiniMacro
Impact BG
Wily 1 BG
Wily 1 BG 2
Cut BG (PU) 1.7.0 Edited by Gaem
Guts BG (PU)
Guts BG 2 (PU)
Ice BG (PU)
Fire BG (PU)
Bomb BG (PU)
Elec BG (PU)
Elec BG 2 (PU)
Builder BG
Pirate BG 1.8.0


Icon Tileset Contribution Added in version Notes
Block Tile Sprites 1.6.0
Tundra Tile
Cut Tile (PU) 1.7.0 Edited by himself, FakeVirus and BushBacon in 1.7.3
Guts Tile (PU)
Ice Tile (PU)
Bomb Tile (PU)
Fire Tile (PU) Edited by FakeVirus
Elec Tile (PU)
Builder Tile
Builder Tile 2
Builder Tile 3
Builder Tile 3 (Alt)
Builder Tile 4
Tundra Tile (Alt) Tundra Tile edit by BigMaster
Tundra Tile 2


Icon Ladder Contribution Added in version Notes
Cut Ladder (PU) Sprites 1.7.0
Ice Ladder (PU)