Bounce Man

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Bounce Man
Artwork of Bounce Man from Mega Man 11
Game information
Description: Bounces around, punches and slams the floor. Speed gear turbos his speed.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (contact)

6 (punch)

Added in version: 1.6.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 11
Programmer(s): Luigi
Spriter(s): LF222


DWN-088 Bounce Man is one of the eight Robot Master bosses from Mega Man 11. He was added to Mega Man Maker in version 1.6.0. Bounce Man is a Robot Master that was created for crash tests, but later modified to be an instructor for an athletics facility. During the events of Mega Man 11, he was captured by Dr. Wily after his completion of the Double Gear and reprogrammed for evil. He now uses his signature weapon, the Bounce Ball. When combined with his use of the Speed Gear, he exponentially increases the speed of himself.


Bounce Man bounces around the room, occasionally stopping in midair to launch a punch at the player. Seldom, after he punches, he will grapple himself to the place where his fist was and begin bouncing faster than usual, returning to his normal bouncing trajectory after a while. Being attacked with charged buster shots can make it go faster for a while.

If Bounce Man has low HP, he enables his Speed Gear and bounces around the room rapidly. After a while, he returns to his normal behavior.

If hit by his primary weakness, he will split into several parts that move individually.


  • Being from Mega Man 11, Bounce Man utilizes part of the Double Gear system invented by Wily when low on health, strengthening his attacks using the Speed Gear. He, along side Blast Man are the first bosses able to use part of the Double Gear in Mega Man Maker.
  • Bounce Man is the second boss in Mega Man Maker to have a unique behavior when hit by a weakness weapon as of 1.6.2. Hitting Bounce Man with a weapon set to his primary weakness will cause him to perform a unique attack. This was present in Mega Man 11 when hitting Bounce Man with his weakness, the Pile Driver.
    • The first boss to have a unique reaction to a weakness is Metal Man, who can be defeated by Metal Blade in one hit if set to primary weakness and two hits if set to secondary weakness.


  • Prior to version 1.6.3, using Shine would make the player invincible to Bounce Man's fists.
  • Bounce Man can get clipped into walls. Luigi admitted that he forgot to take ceilings into account while programming Bounce Man's script.