Toad Man

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Toad Man
Artwork of Toad Man from Rockman Complete Works
Game information
Description: Jumps when attacked, performs a screen-wide attack otherwise.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 8 (contact, Rain Flush)
Added in version: 1.0.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Other appearances: Mega Man IV
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

DCN-026/DWN-026 Toad Man is a toad-like robot and one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4 that has been featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.0.0. He is armed with his signature weapon, the Rain Flush which he uses as his primary means of combat outside simply jumping around the room.

Toad Man was created by Doctor Cossack and during Mega Man 4's events, upgraded into battle robot to battle Mega Man. He came back during Mega Man IV's events where he once again tries to fight Mega Man.


Toad Man will start the battle in an idle state. If the player does not press the shoot button for a certain amount of time while Toad Man is in his idle state (about 5 seconds), Toad Man will do a rain dance animation, followed by using Rain Flush, his screen-wide attack that cannot be dodged. If Toad Man takes damage from any attack during his rain dance animation, he will immediately cancel the animation, will not use the Rain Flush, and will return to his idle state. While Toad Man is in his idle state and standing on the ground, if the player presses the shoot button, even if equipped with Nothing or a weapon with no remaining ammo, Toad Man will attempt to jump and land on the player.

Video Tutorial

Toad Man


Toad Man's acidic Rain Flush attack can raise the acidity of Mega Man 11's Chemical Solution in Mega Man Maker.


  • Toad Man's AI can get stuck in a loop, constantly transitioning back and forth between "idle state" and "rain dance state", if hit by "hold-button rapid-fire weapons" or "single-shot multi-hit weapons", making him unable to move or fight back. This AI quirk arises due to Toad Man's AI not being built to handle these situations.
  • Toad Man can get trapped in an AI loop even without rapid-fire or multi-hit weapons by keeping the pattern of shooting just when Toad Man starts his rain dance animation to damage him and cancel his Rain Flush attack.
  • Due to the way they behave, Toad Man, Stone Man and Bomb Man are the only bosses in Mega Man Maker that can be fought without them using their weapon.


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