Pharaoh Man

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Pharaoh Man
Rockman Complete Works Artwork of Pharaoh Man from Mega Man 4
Description: Jumps and fires magical pellets before landing to charge a wave attack.
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (contact)
2 (Pharaoh Shot)
6 (pharaoh wave)
Programmer(s): Wecking

DLWN-028/DRWN-028/DWN-028 Pharaoh Man, (originally DCN) is one of the 8 Robot Masters of Mega Man 4 that has been featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.0.0. Pharaoh Man uses his light-based attacks, the Pharaoh Shot, and Pharaoh Wave.


Pharaoh Man's official artwork from Mega Man 4.

Pharaoh Man looks as his name implies, like that of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. His legs are a golden yellow with tan tipped boots and knee guards, as well as a golden yellow arm and tan buster arm. his joints are a dark green, connecting his limbs to his lightly armored dark grey body. He has a very minimal chest plate is also yellow, and is connected to his tan shoulder armor. His helmet is based on the design of a pharaoh's headdress, with a mostly black and yellow stripe pattern and a little green snake on his forehead. The rest of his helmet and face guard are however white. His sharp eyes are also red.

In-Game Pattern

One of Pharaoh Man's attacks includes doing a few short hops towards the player's direction while firing his Pharaoh Shots in the player's direction. His Pharaoh Wave attack has a huge hit box, but must be charged first, and always travels horizontally in the direction Pharaoh Man is facing. Pharaoh Man will also occasionally attack by doing one jump and trying to land on top of the player.

Evading Pharaoh man's jumping attack is the most difficult part of fighting him, staying mobile to avoid a direct hit from a Pharaoh Shot isn't easy, as then also evading Pharaoh Man himself require immense focus and careful jumps and slides. His crippling weakness however, is when he uses his Pharaoh Wave. Jumping over the wave is simple enough, especially with the long and obvious charge up Pharaoh Man does. This long charge up also leaves him extremely vulnerable, making it easy to blast him with charge shots and most other special weapons. Conveniently, he also tends to favor the Pharaoh Wave attack which leaves him more easily evaded and damaged. Don't get too relaxed though, or he can easily catch you off guard when he finally does his jumping Pharaoh Shot attack.


  • Pharaoh Man is included as a built-in boss in the Mega Engine. As such, he was the first boss ever added to Mega Man Maker.
  • Pharaoh Man will occasionally begin spamming the use of Pharaoh Wave, making him predictable and easier to counterattack.
  • In the end credits of Mega Man 4, Pharaoh Man is mistakenly labeled DWN-026, which is supposed to be Toad Man's number.
  • Pharaoh Man is one of few Robot Masters that have two special weapons that the player can get upon defeating him. In Mega Man 4 and Mega Man IV, Mega Man would obtain the Pharaoh Shot. Meanwhile in the Power Fighters series his defeat will give the player his Pharaoh Wave instead which functions identical to how he uses it.

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