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Bosses are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker. They are one out of three ways the player can beat the stage (the others being picking up an Energy Element and shooting a Party Ball). Creators can place one of these Robot Masters in a room for players to fight.

Prior to version 1.5.0, a player could only have one boss per stage, but since 1.5.0, players can have multiple bosses with the maximum of 10 active at once and a total of 200 in a level. Bosses are loaded in first from top to bottom, then left to right.

Some of the bosses have noticeable changes in their behaviors when compared to their games of origin.

List of Bosses

As of version 1.7.5, there are 40 Robot Master bosses from Mega Man to Mega Man 11 and 5 other assets related to bosses and ending a level in the Boss category for a total of 45 assets. The first six NES games have 4–5 bosses each while Mega Man 7 through Mega Man 11 have 2–3 bosses each. The developers often select from four bosses for an update due to the complex programming they need.

Mega Man / Mega Man Powered Up

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Cut Man Throws his scissor blade like a slow boomerang. Flinches when hit. 1.0.0
Ice Man Fires off three freezing ice waves in a vertical column after jumping. 1.1.0
Bomb Man Takes long and short jumps while chucking bombs. 1.0.0
Fire Man Launches his flames of justice if the player shoots or is at a specific distance. 1.7.0
Time Man Slows down time while firing arrows at you, occasionally jumping as well. 1.1.0

Mega Man 2

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Bubble Man Swims towards you, firing spurts and bubble leads. Said to be defective on land. 1.2.0
Quick Man Jumps three times, lobs three quick boomerangs, then runs forward and repeats. 1.7.0
Wood Man Jumps, summons falling leaves and utilizes a throwable leaf shield. 1.2.0
Crash Man Jumps when you shoot and lobs explosives as a counter attack. 1.0.0
Metal Man Throws metal blades while hopping around to keep his distance.

Mega Man 3

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Spark Man Fires a spread of sparks, followed by a giant volt ball aimed at you. 1.0.0
Top Man Spins across the room, then fires 3 spinning tops aimed at you and repeats.
Magnet Man Pulls you with magnetic abilities and fires semi-homing missiles. 1.2.0
Hard Man Fires homing rocket punches and tries to crush you with ground punds.

Mega Man 4

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Ring Man Throws a boomerang ring, jumps to throw another, then runs to the other side. 1.3.0
Skull Man kills. Waits for a move before striking, then fires some shots or uses a shield.
Toad Man Jumps when attacked, performs a screen-wide attack otherwise. 1.0.0
Pharaoh Man Jumps and fires magical pellets before landing to charge a wave attack.

Mega Man 5

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Stone Man Jumps and stomps near you, sometimes sending out two orbiting stones. 1.0.0
Crystal Man Jumps around and shoots either a small shot or expensive bouncing crystals. 1.3.0
Napalm Man Jumps, then either shoots 3 missiles forward, or lobs explosives upwards. 1.0.0
Charge Man Charges at you and sends down coals, causing confusion and delay. 1.3.0

Mega Man 6

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Wind Man Flies over your head to stomp you, can also suck you in at two different speeds. 1.4.0
Flame Man Fires volleys of 3 fireballs and spawns flame pillars across the room.
Knight Man His shield protects him from harm. Who knew he had it in him? 1.0.0
Yamato Man Throws spears in vollies, sometimes while jumping, then runs to retrieve them. 1.7.0
Plant Man Makes a barrier, throws it, then walks a distance before reactivating it. 1.0.0

Mega Man 7

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Spring Man Bounces around, shoots spiky springs and fires spring fists. Likes electricity. 1.4.0
Freeze Man Jumps when you shoot. Can create icicles and freeze the floor. :thinking: 1.7.0
Shade Man Spooky vampire that swoops to grab you and drains health. Can fire sound waves. 1.4.0

Mega Man 8

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Grenade Man Lobs grenades, mines and rushes at you for a very hectic fight, hee hee. 1.5.0
Astro Man Dives or launches projectiles, yeah. Beware of his Astro Crush!

Mega Man 9

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Concrete Man Aggressively dashes and stomps around, sometimes shooting concrete. 1.5.0
Splash Woman Summons deadly piranhas and rains piercing tridents onto you from above 1.7.0
Tornado Man Summons tornadoes while jumping and hovering around. 1.5.0

Mega Man 10

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Sheep Man Fluffy electricity-based bot who attacks only with lightning. 1.6.0
Pump Man Fills up his water shield, jumps around 1-3 times and fires it, then repeats
Strike Man Throws rebounding baseballs and curls into a ball to bounce around. YOU'RE OUT! 1.7.0

Mega Man 11

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Blast Man Likes to jump and rain death from above. Power Gear gives him more firepower. 1.6.0
Bounce Man Bounces around, punches and slams the floor. Speed Gear turbos his speed.


Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Boss Door Usually leads to a boss arena. Locks when a midboss or boss is present. 1.0.0
Energy Element Touch this to end the level.
Party Ball Shoot this to end the level with some confetti.
Boss Suppressor Requires that all active bosses must be dead before ending the level. 1.5.0

Unused bosses

Icon Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Gemini Man N/A 1.0.0

Multiple Bosses

Prior to 1.5.0, a level could only have one boss at the time. At the time, some players tampered with the files to get multiple bosses; however, the boss music would not play. If one intended to put another boss in the level editor, the previous boss would disappear and its settings would be passed on the newly created boss.

Since version 1.5.0, bosses can be programmed to leave items after defeat though this will cause defeating them to no longer finish the stage. To activate this functionality on a specific boss, the designer must click on the skull icon at the bottom left of the boss menu and select an item to drop if the boss is defeated. The three groups of possibilities are: a new pickup, a change in the weapon roster and a change on the player character. However, these possibilities are not mutually exclusive even if the options in the category are.

If a pickup is selected, different things will happen depending on the item. Most pickups will be left where the boss was defeated, while Keys will travel to the player's position before being collected. A change on the weapons, be it an unlock or removal, or a player character change is triggered instantly upon a boss' defeat. Following the addition of Key colors in 1.7.0, a button can be used to change the color of the Key the boss will spawn upon defeat.

In addition to those options, the boss can also be set to change the music upon defeat.

On a screen, the maximum number of bosses is 10. An eleventh boss added will not be recognized by the program. In the whole stage, the limit for multiple bosses is 200.


  • Every major update since 1.0.0 with the exceptions of 1.1.0 and 1.7.0 has added two bosses from two games each for a total of four bosses.
    • 1.1.0, which had the least number of bosses added in a major update with 2, added Time Man and Ice Man, both from Mega Man.
    • 1.7.0, which had the most number of bosses added in a major update with 6, added Fire Man, Quick Man, Yamato Man, Freeze Man, Splash Woman, and Strike Man. Additionally, none of the bosses added in 1.7.0 are from the same game of origin due to the goal of the update being to add a variety content from games already represented in Mega Man Maker at the time i.e. Mega Man through Mega Man 11.
  • During the early development of Mega Man Maker, Guts Man was planned to be in the game alongside Cut Man but was replaced by Bomb Man.
    • Gemini Man was also cut due to technical issues as his AI did not work well with customizable terrain. However, a Level Builder icon exists for him exist in the game's files and he can be placed in levels through special setups though no AI is programmed into him.
  • Prior to version 1.3.3, Skull Man's description was simply Kills, a reference to the Mega Man fangame Skull Man Kills. The description was updated with information about his attack patterns in version 1.3.3 to be more consistent with the rest of the Robot Master descriptions while still keeping in the reference.
  • According to Luigi, the music changer was planned to be added alongside the boss overhaul in 1.5.0 as the two features were similar thematically but was put aside due to the scope of the update.
  • Mega Man 11's Robot Masters, Blast Man and Bounce Man, retain their Double Gear abilities from the original game.
  • If a boss is placed between a screen transition, screens with a hard transition will not lock thus allowing the player to pass through them like normal. This allows the player to activate more than 10 bosses by traveling to a different screen to activate another boss. However, a screen with a hard transition will lock if a boss that is not placed between a screen transition is activated.
  • As of version 1.7.5, Metal Man and Bounce Man are the only bosses who have a special behavior when hit with their primary weakness: Bounce Man will split apart, making his parts bounce around the room, and Metal Man will be killed instantly. Meanwhile, if an ice weapon is set as the primary weakness for Freeze Man, he will not freeze the player in place and taunt them.