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Version 1.3.3 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on April 2, 2018.


New Features

  • You can now press Ctrl + V in the online menu when entering a search term or level ID, to quickly paste whatever text you have copied.


  • Improved Skull Man's description.
  • Minor tutorial dialogue changes to account for multiple characters.
  • Water Wave can now destroy Flame Pillars when it's underwater or a drop.
  • The night theme in the editor has a different scroll bar color.

Fixed Bugs

  • Creating a level with just a boss arena, then playing it through the editor causes some problems.
  • Rolling Drills can destroy blocks around them before they spawn.
  • Weapon Capsules sometimes have the wrong color when switching characters.
  • Weapon Capsules have incorrect icons for Proto Buster, Bass Buster, Proto Coil, Proto Jet and Treble Boost.
  • Switching weapons while in the Treble Boost transformation, then dashing or climbing can lock up your controls.
  • If you spawn directly on top of a Ring or Coil Platform, you fall through.
  • If you shoot Bass Buster on a ladder, then hold left or right, you can move horizontally.
  • If you shoot Bass Buster on a ladder right under a ceiling, then hold up and shoot, then mash jump with double jump enabled, you can clip inside.
  • Water sometimes flows through terrain.
  • When asked to place terrain in a new section in the tutorial, the section on the left and diagonal sections do not count.
  • Brain Break creates a duplicate of itself when hit by Gravity Hold.
  • Minoans do not spawn properly when coming from above.
  • If you scroll a frozen Fire Pillar off screen, then come back, it leaves its collision behind for a short while.
  • Rolling Drills can destroy terrain slightly off screen.
  • Yambows stop at moving platforms.
  • Magnet Missile doesn't home in on Wall Blasters properly.
  • When grabbing a ladder while on a jumpthrough moving platform, there can be horizontal displacement.
  • Girees can travel along Item-1, 2 and 3.
  • Telly spawners can spawn Tellies before Mega Man spawns.
  • Weapon Blocks, Weapon Barriers and Weapon Capsules display an incorrect icon when your weapon is set to Nothing.
  • When killing a Pukapucker base, then respawn it while the head is still on screen, the head becomes attached to the new base.
  • Water Wave can be fired through walls when hugging them.
  • Whopper still animates during Flash Stopper or when the game is paused.