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Artwork of a Giree from Mega Man 5
Game information
Description: Travels up and down and all around the ground at a decent pace.
Damage: 6 (contact)
Added in version: 1.3.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms (enemy and spawner)

The Giree (or Cog in Mega Man for Game Gear) is a heavily armored slow rolling enemy that first appeared in Mega Man 5. It was added to Mega Man Maker in the version 1.3.0 update.

This enemy simply travels along the ground, walls, and ceiling in a set direction in an attempt to hinder the player's movement, causing them a fair bit of damage if they come in to contact with one.

These enemies are immune to the majority of weapons. To defeat them, there are three options: reflecting enemy attacks towards them such as with the Shine, Jewel Satellite or Proto Shield; crushing them with level objects such as the Push Block; or sucking them with the Black Hole Bomb.

Giree Spawners also exist: these entities are non-solid tiles with large holes in the shape of a Giree in their center. They will regularly spawn a Giree in the direction they are set or drop quickly downward if the spawner is not placed next to a solid tile block.


  • In Mega Man 5, only the weapon Beat had the ability to defeat Girees.
  • Girees originally only came in three different colors in Mega Man 5: Red, Blue, and Green. However, Mega Man Maker features a fourth in addition to the original three, yellow.
  • If a Giree set to move left spawns or lands on a Rotating Platform, the Giree will not move. It is unknown if this behavior is a glitch or intentional.
  • Girees cannot move on most moving platforms such as Lift Platforms, Cossack Platforms, and Falling Platforms, falling off when the platform starts moving.


  • Girees can easily clip into walls if they roll into ladders or collide with certain entities including Boss Doors or Rolling Drills.

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