Totem Polen

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Totem Polen
Mm4 totempolen.png
Artwork of a Totem Polen
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 8
Damage: 2(projectile) 6(contact)

Totem Polen (or Totem Pole in Mega Man for Game Gear) is a Mega Man 4 enemy included in Mega Man Maker version 1.3.0.

It is a totem pole composed from four heads that primarily shoots a bullet from one of its four mouths. The structure is only one, and there is no HP division between heads. After firing a bullet, all the heads blink before other head shoots. If for any reason the character is close to its Y position or already passed over it, the Totem Polen will jump. This movement can prevent the player from attempting to bypass this enemy by jumping over it, which can make it challenging in some sections. After jumping, it will also face the player character if the latter gets to be behind them.

Its initial direction can be set in the Level Builder.

A Totem Polen in game.