Dust Block

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A Dust Block is a block of compressed garbage, that is fragile and easy to destroy. It is a part of the level objects, and originates from Dust Man's stage from Mega Man 4.
Dust Block.

It functions as a solid block, similar to a normal tile from any tileset, the only difference is that it can usually be destroyed if attacked with a weapon. Rolling Drills can destroy a Dust Block in their path, similarly to how they destroy terrain.

In 1.5.0, the Dust Block has an alternate skin that originates from Mega Man 5's Wily Castle 1.

Weapon and Dust Block Interactions

Block destroyed when hit by projectile, projectile despawns on contact with block

Block destroyed when hit by projectile, projectile does not despawn on contact with block

Block destroyed when hit by melee attack, melee attack continues after contact with block

No unique interaction, acts like a normal solid block


  • When a needle projectile from Needle Cannon latches onto an enemy with the ability to move around, and then falls off them onto a Dust Block below, the Dust Block may occasionally still continue to retain its collision as a block, despite it showing the animation of being destroyed, and its sprite being no longer visible. This "Invisible Glitch Dust Block" is also invulnerable to being damaged or destroyed, as Mega Man Maker believes it is already destroyed. The same glitch can also happen if destroyed by the Bass Buster fired diagonally downward.