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Mega Man screaming as he is engulfed by quicksand.
Game information
Category: Level objects
Added in version: 1.3.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Other appearances: Mega Man IV
Mega Man 10
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Quicksand is a level object that first appeared in Mega Man 4 in Pharaoh Man's stage, later appearing in Mega Man 10 in Commando Man's stage. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.3.0 version.

When placed in the Level Builder, it will not cover tiles below like water, instead only being where it is placed. However, depending on the location, each quicksand tile placed may have different textures like if one is placed between two tiles. When you play the game, the quicksand will show an animation of it running downwards. If the player steps in it, they will sink down very slowly and will be hidden by the quicksand to cosmetically point out that the player character is sinking.

The player can walk, slide or dash, although it will be slower. If it tries to jump, its jump height is lessened but can get it out of the quicksand altogether. However, most if not all enemies and bosses will be unaffected by Quicksand. Therefore, they will not slowly descend while in it if they get over one and they will instead fall straight down as though it is empty space.


The flavor text mocks the slowdown of the player character's movements because of the object's name.


  • Quicksand has some issues related to objects with semi-solid collisions, which leads them to treat the Quicksand as if it was solid.