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Proto Man
Proto Man.jpg
Artwork of Proto Man from Mega Man 7
Category: Characters
HP: 28

Not to be confused with Pronto Man.

DLN-000 (or DRN-000, depending on localization), Proto Man (or Blues, depending on localization) is the older brother of Mega Man, created by Dr. Light as a prototype humanoid robot. Originally fought in Mega Man 3 as a midboss, and later in the same game fought as a boss under the alias "Break Man", he became playable in Mega Man The Power Battle and future games. Proto Man is one of the additional player characters available as of the version 1.3.0 update, typically used as a more defensive style of player due to his limited shot count and shield.

In Game

As a playable character, Proto Man automatically has the ability to slide and charge the Proto Buster in the Mega Man 4 Charge Shot style. His Charge Shot process of his buster sounds different from the most known charge sound from the NES games. If Proto Man is doing an uncharged shot, he can only have up to two bullets appearing simultaneously.

He comes equipped with the Proto Shield, which will reflect or block most projectile attacks in front of him while jumping; however, shooting while jumping will deactivate this shield until Proto Man lands. The attack reflection of the Proto Shield makes him able to defend and counter-attack even if he has no ammo for his current weapon or is equipped with only Nothing. If a projectile is reflected, the projectile will take the properties of whatever weapon Proto Man is currently equipped with, allowing Proto Man the potential to break Weapon Blocks without even firing his weapon. The Proto Shield can also protect Proto Man from Elec Beams and Fire Beams to some extent.

In the level settings menu, Proto Man has two settings specific to him - Proto Strike and Double Damage. Enabling Proto Strike will turn any shots made with the Proto Buster into the Proto Strike, which does equal damage to a charged shot. Enabling Double Damage will cause him to take double the damage from all sources.


  • Due to his sprite difference, some weapons such as the Proto Buster and Needle Cannon are fired a few pixels lower than when Mega Man or Bass fire.
  • In the weapons menu, Rush Coil and Rush Jet are replaced by the Proto Coil and Proto Jet, respectively. These are just reskins, and function identically to the original utilities however Proto Jet will temporarily remove the Proto Shield.
  • In Mega Man Maker, when entering the level or respawning upon death while playing as Proto Man, his whistle from Mega Man 3 will play. This a reference to Proto Man's playable roles in Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10 where he also does this upon entering a stage, or respawning from a death.