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Version 1.3.1 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker. This update was released on March 25, 2018.



  • Skull Man can now start moving when holding down the shoot button with Bass Buster.
  • Health and weapon energy spawners are now on a local timer, meaning they no longer spawn and play a sound effect when off-screen.
  • Quick Lasers don't get blocked by Rolling Drills anymore.

Fixed Bugs

  • Hitting a boss with Water Wave underwater crashes the game.
  • Touching a weapon capsule while using Treble Boost doesn't take away the ability, causing broken animations.
  • Touching a character capsule while Charge Kicking or shooting while standing still (Bass only), the game crashes.
  • Rush Coil/Jet weapon blocks don't switch colors accordingly when touching a character capsule.
  • You can still move when using Treble Boost upon completing a level, or when a boss spawns.
  • Dashing into Treble Boost at point-blank range causes animation issues.
  • Coil platforms do not autotile correctly when removed in the editor.
  • Ring platforms and coil platforms can sometimes autotile together, causing weird results.
  • Changing weapons while transforming into Treble Boost allows you to use that weapon while flying, with broken animations.
  • Whopper's description contains a typo.
  • Rolling Drill spawners still play their animation when the game is paused.
  • Rolling Drill spawners facing left break blocks directly to the right of it when spawning the drill.
  • When a Yoku Block spawns on top of a Rolling Drill, the drill moves upwards.
  • Water Wave can destroy frozen Fire Pillars.
  • Rolling Drill has some depth issues.
  • Touching a character capsule the frame you start a screen transition can crash the game.
  • Walking, then dash-jumping and shooting while moving through a boss door as Bass can play an incorrect animation.
  • When climbing against a ceiling as Bass, then holding shoot, letting go and immediately double-jumping, you can sometimes clip into the ceiling.
  • Quicksand can affect the player before they spawn.