Mega Man Powered Up

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Mega Man Powered Up, known in Japan as Rockman Rockman, is a remake of Mega Man 1 in PlayStation Portable. It expanded on the Robot Masters by adding Oil Man and Time Man, in addition to adding an intro stage and a visual remaster of the levels. It could be played in the New Style, or in Old Style, which had the limitations and level layouts from the original mega Man, although it keeps the 3D style.




  • Cut Tile (PU)
  • Guts Tile (PU)
  • Elec Tile (PU)
  • Bomb Tile (PU)
  • Oil Tile
  • Oil Tile 2
  • Time Tile
  • Time Tile (Alt)
  • Tile Tile 2
  • Time Tile 3
  • Challenge Tile
  • Challenge Tile (Alt)
  • Builder Tile
  • Builder Tile 2
  • Builder Tile 2 (Alt)
  • Builder Tile 3
  • Builder Tile 4


  • Oil Man
  • Time Man
  • Intro Stage (PU)
  • Boss theme
  • Wily Boss theme 1
  • Wily Boss theme 2


  • Some spikes have air versions that resemble shurikens, similar to what happens in this game.
  • Weapon Blocks are partially based on the Break Blocks from this game.
  • Super Arm's functionality is inspired in Guts Man's use of the weapon as a playable character and one of the skins of the block comes from this game.