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Mega Man Powered Up cover art.

Mega Man Powered Up (released as "Rockman Rockman" in Japan) is a remake of the first Mega Man game that was released on March 2, 2006 for the Sony PSP. While it mostly featured remade assets from the first game, it did introduce two brand-new Robot Masters; Time Man and Oil Man, as well as new stages for them, bringing the roster to 8 Robot Masters instead of the original's 6. Besides the remade original game, Powered Up also included a variety of other features, including a level editor that could be considered the inspiration for Mega Man Maker.

In Mega Man Maker

The assets originating from Mega Man Powered Up are listed alongside the assets from Mega Man 1 in the Level Builder, due to being a remake of said game. One boss, 2 tilesets, 3 music tracks and 2 backgrounds are currently available in Mega Man Maker, but these have been remade in the style of the NES games. The tilesets are taken from the "Old Time" and "Old Oil" construction packs respectively.



Level objects


  • Time Tiles
  • Oil Tiles


  • Time BG
  • Oil BG



  • In the Construction mode, Spikes placed in the air looked like shurikens. The spikes from Mega Man 1 and Cossack Spike 2 have this appearance when put in the air and outside tilesets.
  • While Proto Man's appearance and gameplay in Mega Man Maker are inspired by Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, players have the option to use his Proto Strike from this game in place of his normal Charge Shot.
  • The design of the checkpoint is taken from this game, although in Mega Man Maker the flag does not have the Mega Man face from the 1-Up.
  • Elec Man's tiles take the palette from the Old Style Elec Tiles here instead of the original in Mega Man 1.
  • The Weapon Blocks are inspired on the weapon blocks on this game, which could only be destroyed with a determined weapon, or used in the case of Guts Blocks.
  • The flavor text of the Fire Met spawner alludes to Fire Man's personality in this game, including his "Flames of justice".


  • In the New Style, Time Man's background and tiles are green while in the Old Style they are purple like Time Man.