Needle Cannon

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Needle Cannon
Fire needle projectiles that stick to enemies for continuous damage.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 3

Needle Cannon is Needle Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 3 and featured in Mega Man Maker since its 1.1 version. When shot, it will release quick series of needles, and if attack is held, it rapid-fires. If the needles hit an enemy, they each do a low amount of damage, but they will stick into the enemy and do 0.5 damage every second. They will eventually fall off after a few seconds, but with several potentially sticking into an enemy at once, it can stack up to to much more damage. 5 needles can be onscreen at a time, counting the ones sticking on any Enemies. Needle Cannon is a very durable weapon energy-wise, as its Ammo count is as high as 112.


  • Needle Cannon used to only shoot 3 needles at a time in Mega Man 3.
  • When a Needle falls out of an enemy, it is still considered an active projectile and can damage enemies if they fall on them. However, the needle won't re-stick to them and instead will just keep falling.


  • If Needle Cannon is used to destroy large enemies such as a Tama or Hot Dog, the still embedded needles will warp from their current location to the center of the enemy while they explode and fall from there.
  • When a needle projectile from Needle Cannon latches onto an enemy with the ability to move around, and then falls off them onto a Dust Block below, the Dust Block may occasionally still continue to retain its collision as a block, despite it showing the animation of being destroyed, and its sprite being no longer visible. This "Invisible Glitch Dust Block" is also invulnerable to being damaged or destroyed, as Mega Man Maker believes it is already destroyed.