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Artwork of a Blocky from Mega Man 2
Game information
Description: Only the face is vulnerable, when the face is hit the stack falls down.
HP: 10
Damage: 8 (contact: full stack/seperated head block)
4 (contact: other seperated blocks)
Added in version: 1.1.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Blocky is a robot that consists of four separate block pieces that can separate and reform. Blocky robots were supposedly originally designed for circus acts, but were modified for combat by Dr. Wily. Blocky first debuted in Mega Man 2 and appeared in the stages of Metal Man, Crash Man and Flash Man.

In Mega Man Maker


Blocky's movement consists of casually shuffling forwards as a stack in its facing direction and reversing direction if it collides with a wall. A Blocky will not do anything else unless it takes damage greater than 0 HP. If Blocky takes damage equal to 0 HP (not to be confused with attack deflection) to any part of its body, it will not react.

A Blocky's "head block" with eyes is vulnerable to damage, both from the front and behind, but the other blocks are invulnerable for the most part and deflect most attacks fired at them—even if the attacks impact the other parts successfully, they will fail to damage the Blocky.

When a Blocky takes damage greater than 0 HP but not enough to fully destroy it, the "head block" drops to the ground and the three remaining blocks are launched at three different arcs towards Blocky's facing direction which disappear shortly after hitting the ground—the first block lands approximately two tiles in front of the "head block", the second block lands approximately three tiles in front of the first block, and the third block lands approximately three tiles in front of the second block. While the blocks are separated, all blocks—including the "head block"—are invulnerable for the most part and deflect most attacks fired at them, until they eventually reform into a stack again.

Level Builder

Blocky's direction can be set to left or right.

Blocky can be set to one of two color schemes: Blue or Gray.

  • The Blue color scheme resembles their appearance in Crash Man and Flash Man's stages.
  • The Gray color scheme resembles their appearance in Metal Man's stage.

Unique Weapon Interactions

  • Ice Slasher deals 0 HP damage but freezes a Blocky in its entirety, regardless what part of the body the projectile makes contact with.
  • Oil Slider's riding, Charge Kick's contact, Shine's barrier, and Perfect Freeze's "frozen" shots deal 0 HP damage if they collide with any blocks making up Blocky's body that isn't the "head block".
  • Crash Bomber explodes instantly if it makes contact with Blocky's "head block"; however, it attaches itself to a Blocky if it connects with any other block that makes up its body.
  • Needle Cannon's needles do not stick to Blocky. This is because the "head block" deflects the needles once it takes damage, separates it from its stack, and becomes temporarily invulnerable.
  • Top Spin deals 0 HP damage when bouncing on a Blocky's topmost block.
  • Magnet Missile and Dive Missile attempt to home in on whatever block of Blocky's body is closest to it, even if it isn't the "head block" that is vulnerable to damage.
  • Ring Boomerang, Power Stone and Nado only deal damage to Blocky's "head block". The projectiles/melee attack will pass through all other blocks that make up its body with seemingly no interaction.
  • Activating Flash Stopper causes Blocky's blocks other than the "head block" to become vulnerable to the Flash Stopper Buster. However, shooting any of the blocks other than the "head block" deals 0 HP damage.
  • Gravity Hold causes the Blocky's "head block" to fly off screen and despawn. The other three blocks making up its body instantly despawn when this happens.
  • Power Adaptor's charge shot can damage any block that makes up Blocky's body, but will deal 0 HP damage to any block that isn't the "head block".
  • Super Adaptor's homing charge shot, unlike Magnet Missile and Dive Missile, will always home in on the "head block" and not any other blocks that make up Blocky's body.

Video Tutorial



  • Blocky bares some resemblance to another enemy, Trio the Wheel, who is another robot based around the concept of stacked objects.


  • Pieces of Blocky don't disappear if they're bouncing on Springs.
  • Blocky is frequently prone to clipping and zipping through ceiling and walls if it collides with a ceiling after hitting a Spring.
  • If shot with Ice Slasher and hit on its head, it will try to break apart but ultimately move in increments.
  • It clips to terrain or be expelled from the screen if "crushed" with moving platforms or Push Blocks.

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