Metal Blade

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Metal Blade
Mega Blade.png
Shoot a gear in one of eight directions. Just as powerful
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
Damage: 1

Metal Blade is Metal Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 2. It is a contextually powerful weapon with it being able to fire in all eight directions, travel through terrain, and pierce through enemies that are killed by it. There can be up to three player-generated blades on screen at any given time.

Due to half the robot masters in Mega Man 2 having a weakness to metal blade, the Metal Blade did insane damage to most enemies in the game because of how the weapon's weakness table is set up. In Mega Man Maker most enemies that would die quickly to it don't for balance reasons.


  • In Mega Man 2, four of the eight Robot Masters held some form of weakness to the Metal Blade - including Metal Man himself, who could be defeated in one hit (Normal Mode).