Magnet Man

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Magnet Man
Magnet Man.png
Artwork of Magnet Man from Mega Man 3
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
HP: 28
Damage: 6 (contact)
3 (Projectile)

DWN-018 (or DRWN-018, or DLWN-018, depending on localization) Magnet Man Is one of the main bosses from Mega Man 3 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. Magnet Man is a master of magnetism, and he is armed with his signature weapon, the Magnet Missile.


Magnet Man's official artwork from Mega Man 3.

Magnet Man is a mostly Red robot, having a mostly covered face and a large magnet attached to his forehead. His torso is lightly armored, with the majority of his torso and legs all black with a small segmented yellow portion in the middle of his chest. His legs are red with white single magnetic bars going vertically up each. His arms are white, and his arms are red with white gloved hands. One arm also has a Magnet Missile launcher integrated into it.


Magnet Man's attack pattern includes jumping from one side of a screen to the other to try and collide with the player (the second being higher than the first), using his magnetic powers to jump up and stick to the ceiling of a room followed by firing 3 Magnet Missiles in the player's direction that will sharply turn downward once above the player, and stopping in the middle of a room to activate his magnetic shield that blocks projectiles and pulls the player towards him.

Magnet Man moves quickly and his magnetism can make things tricky. Sliding or Dashing is a good way to dodge his magnet missiles and resist his magnetic pull. Also beware of getting too close while he has his magnetic shield up, he can start jumping almost instantaneously after he turns the shield off.


  • In Mega Man 3, when Magnet Man sticks to the ceiling he's actually supposed to be magnetically standing upside down. However due to technical limitations this couldn't be done so he instead looks as though he hanging by his head magnet.
  • In Mega Man 3, jumping near Magnet Man when he is pulling would make him stop pulling. This is possible in Mega Man Maker as well. Double Jumping as Bass over Magnet Man's head allows this to happen.
    • Magnet Man will also stop pulling if the player character enters their damaged state for any reason from anything.


  • Occasionally, if Magnet Man missteps on certain uneven geometry while jumping he will sometimes stop being effected by gravity and fly in a straight horizontal line in whatever direction he was traveling, only stopping if he hits a wall. If he does he will be stuck there and become unable to move or attack from this point on. The glitch is inconsistent and difficult to cause intentionally.