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Version 1.2.3 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on December 24, 2017. Its principal focus was fixing moving platforms.



  • When you pick up a weapon capsule, die, then pick it up again, the weapon's ammo is now fully restored.
  • The aerial victory sprite has been modified slightly.

Fixed Bugs

  • Moving platforms have been completely rewritten and should be much more stable. Please report any issues you still encounter with them, though.
  • Spines can very occasionally crash the game.
  • Crash Lifts can go off-track... again.
  • Cossack Platforms can clip through other moving platforms while moving up.
  • Selecting an item from your Favorites menu doesn't play the menu closing sound effect.
  • Oil Sliding into a Brain Break removes the oil, causing you to slide on nothing.
  • Grabbing a weapon capsule doesn't reset certain weapon states (Top Spin, Nado, Oil Slider etc).
  • Sliding into a wall while on a conveyor and under a ceiling makes you slide in place.
  • When you win while sliding and facing left, the slide victory pose still faces right.
  • The slide and aerial victory poses are slightly misaligned horizontally.
  • If Fan Fiends push you into spikes, you don't die.
  • Crash Lifts that start in a corner sometimes go in the wrong direction.
  • Mag Flies can clip you inside walls under specific conditions.
  • If a Mag Fly is attracting you, you can't move up when against a floor or down when against a ceiling.