Fan Fiend

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Fan Fiend
Artwork of a Fan Fiend.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 5
Damage: 6(contact)

Fan Fiend (also known as Matasaburo) is a fan robot enemy with the capability to generate strong winds that originates from Air Man's stage in Mega Man 2 and is featured in Mega Man Maker as of Versions 1.2.0 and newer.

Fan Fiends are early prototypes for the Robot Master Air Man, re-purposed to assist him in his stage.

When a Fan Fiend spawns, it will use strong winds to push the player away, while also consistently doing an idle animation. The wind to push the player character is constant in normal circumstances, but it will disappear temporarily if the Fan Fiend is frozen with the Ice Slasher or the Flash Stopper. The Time Slow weakens the wind field while in effect.

If the player gets behind Fan Fiend, it will not turn around to face the player, and will continue to manipulate wind in its facing direction.

Fan Fiend can be set to face left or right in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder.


Fan Fiend In-game
  • Fan Fiend functions similarly to the enemy Yaffu, who can push the player away with strong winds, but unlike Fan Fiend, can also pull the player towards it.
  • Komasaburo is a modified version of Fan Fiend (Matasaburo).
  • Fan Fiend also appears in Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Mega Man II.