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Version 1.2.4 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker and the last update of 1.2.0, released on December 29, 2017. It was solely dedicated to fix glitches.


Fixed Bugs

  • Elevators (multiple vertical moving platforms next to each other) often make you fall through them when moving from one platform to another.
  • Octopus Batteries can very occasionally crash the game when the level starts.
  • Quick-restarting while healing makes the sound effect play indefinitely.
  • Solid moving platforms can clip you upon pushing you into a ceiling or floor while sliding.
  • Enemies slide when moved by multiple platforms at once.
  • Crash Lifts can go off-track when just barely outside the screen.
  • When Time Slow ends during Pharaoh Man's wave attack, he can stop moving.