Ice Slasher

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Ice Slasher
Ice Slasher.png
Ice Slasher's concept art in Mega Man 1
In-Game Information
Category: Weapons
Description: Make your enemies freeze in their tracks!
Added in version: 1.1.0
Misc. Information
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man

Ice Slasher is Ice Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 1, and is one of the weapons featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.1.0.

The user will fire a freezing cold wave shaped projectile straight forward that will temporarily freeze most enemies on contact. The projectile however cannot freeze bosses and for the most part cannot normally deal any damage to enemies. After freezing an enemy, the player can switch to a more harmful weapon and attack the still frozen enemy. The freezing effect will not disappear if the weapon is changed and the effect will not impede the player from changing to another weapon.

The Ice Slasher can pass through multiple targets if not used in an immune target. This applies not just for enemies, but also for Weapon Blocks (marked with the Ice Slasher) or Dust Blocks. This can make this weapon devastating for destructible blocks. Another effect is that it can freeze the deadly Rolling Drills.

If an enemy spawner only spawns one of its enemies at the same time, the Ice Slasher can fool the spawner by freezing the spawned enemy until the player distances from the spawner.

In Mega Man Maker when an enemy is frozen a sparkle effect will appear on the enemy until they return to normal.


  • Ice Slasher is sometimes misidentified as "Icelasher" or "Ice Crusher" in certain official publications.
  • Similarly to in Mega Man 1, the Crazy Razy will be destroyed by the Ice Slasher.


  • Some destructible projectiles can be hit with Ice Slasher but won't be frozen. The sparkle effect will however still be applied to the projectile causing it to travel around leaving a trail of sparkles behind it.


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