Search Snake

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Search Snake
Search Snake's concept art in Mega Man 3
Description: Fire a miniature snake that slithers along surfaces.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
Damage: 1

Search Snake is the signature weapon of Snake Man from Mega Man 3 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. When fired, the user will release up to 3 snake-like missiles that do a parabolic movement and upon falling, they quickly crawl across floors and up and down walls. The snakes cannot go across ceilings in any case.

The snakes are small, so they can attack low-lying enemies and pass through tight corridors. Water affects the initial parabolic movement by making it higher, wider and slower. The water's level influence a wider initial movement. Outside water, the Search Snake's initial movement is narrow and fast, since it falls one tile away in even terrain.


  • Search Snake is apparently based on the search program of Bubble Man's Bubble Lead.


  • Search Snake cannot descend to lower floors. WreckingPrograms confirmed it was unintended, but he hasn't prioritized to fix it due to having to deal with glitches that break the gameplay.