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Mega Life.png
A life, while playing as Mega Man.
Game of origin: Mega Man 1+

The Life Pickup is an item found throughout levels, either in a difficult to reach spot, or as a random enemy drop. In the main series, picking one up would add to the player's life counter, to a maximum of nine extra attempts.

In Mega Man Maker, in traditional play, the Life pickup acts as a full instantaneous refill of the player character's Health, as there are infinite lives in this mode. Unlike the official games, it never appears as a dropped item from killing an enemy. While there has been some variety in the appearance of Lives in the official games, Mega Man Maker chooses the appearance of the Mega Man games from Nintendo Entertainment System. If the playable character of a level is Proto Man or Bass, the Extra Life pickup will change visually to show the current character's head instead of Mega Man.

While playing the Wily Challenge mode, the Life pickup has the extra function of giving the player character a new life, as there are limited lives in this mode. The play can however only collect extra lives up to the default amount set by the whatever difficulty the challenge is. The Lives cannot be recollected to gather a new life if a level is replayed. When implemented in 1.4.0, Life pickups gathered during the Wily Challenge did not heal the player, but 1.5.0 changed them so that they have both functions.