Pharaoh Shot

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Pharaoh Shot
Blast solar energy in 6 directions. Charge up to pack a bigger punch.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Damage: 1 (uncharged/semi-charged) 3 (Fully Charged)

The Pharaoh Shot is a weapon commonly used by Pharaoh Man from Mega Man 4. It shoots in six directions, Up-Left, Up-Right, Right, Left, Down-Right, and Down-Left. It is capable of being charged, and when doing so it appears above the player character as an energy ball over the latter. This hovering projectile is capable of inflicting damage and passes over targets that otherwise bounce off the projectile. In the hovering state, it offers protection over the player character's head from weak enemies.

Both the charged and uncharged shots can be thrown in the possible directions. When thrown, the projectile can be deflected by targets that are immune to it or shielded.

The Pharaoh Shot can destroy the Mummira in one hit, even if it is uncharged.


  • The Pharaoh Shot is one of the first weapons to be programmed, as it was programmed with Pharaoh Man in the engine.
  • Pharaoh Man actually does not use the charged shots of the Pharaoh Shot, instead he uses the uncharged version and Pharaoh Wave, a separate weapon only available in the Power Fighters.
  • In Mega Man 4 if the player damages an enemy with the sun on top of the player's head and if the enemy doesn't die, the player can fire off another charged pharaoh shot seemingly out of nowhere. This was considered a bug and it is not present in Mega Man Maker.
  • In Mega Man 4, it was also possible to outrun your Pharaoh Shot as it floated above your head. In Mega Man Maker, however, the Shot permanently stays above Mega Man's without floating around.