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As of 1.8.5, in Mega Man Maker there are 57 tilesets from Mega Man 4, that you can build with.

Icon Name Look In-Game Description Added in Version
Ring Tile
We received a lot of confused messages about the quantity of glass we needed.
Ring Tile 2
Glass protected by coils and more glass. Truly, a masterful security system.
Ring Tile 3
I'm not sure anyone can tell what the purpose of these contraptions is.
Ring Tile 4
I'm not seeing any rings within any of these structures. Come on, Wily!
Dive Tile
Not the prettiest shade of green, but it works.
Dive Tile (Alt)
These odd tubes still don't come with the whirling orange water.
Skull Tile
Fossils of extinct species like the Atari Jaguar mixed with purple rocks.
Skull Tile
Even if you dig a lot, there are no fossils in these purple rocks.
Bright Tile TstBright.gif We're not sure why Cossack is so obsessed with pink and green.
Bright Tile 2 TstBright2.gif These wires were supposedly used to power all of Bright Man's stage.
Bright Tile 3 TstBright3.gif These machines definitely do something, but we're not sure what.
Bright Tile 4 (Unused)
Dust Tile
Wily corrupted a random tileset file and sent us this. It's junk, but not unusable.
Dust Tile (Alt)
Junk... but purple... I swear I saw a galaxy full of space junk like this.
Dust Tile 2
We're not sure what that mess in the middle is, either.
Dust Tile 3
It's shut tight. Does anyone know where the key is?
Dust Tile 4
Various pipes and chutes for collecting the trash in the area.
Drill Tile
Pink rocks are a surprise for sure, but a welcome one.
Drill Tile 2
Same as the first Drill tile but with mechanical parts.
Toad Tile
Dam, this tileset is quite boring.
Toad Tile (Alt) (Unused)
Toad Tile 2
Mossy bricks which smell vaguely of pizza.
Toad Tile 2 (Alt)
The previous tile has been drained of its yellowy glory. Utterly lifeless.
Toad Tile 3
Surplus rain water is saved here for emergencies. What a thoughtful system.
Toad Tile 3 (Alt)
A water container, drained of its beloved color. How tragic.
Toad Tile 4
An alternative tank design, this one is actually plated with solid gold.
Toad Tile 4 (Alt)
An alternative grey... gray... griy... groy... gruy... grxy tank design.
Toad Tile 5
Use to create large golden metallic columns.
Toad Tile 5 (Alt)
Use to create large golden/grey metallic columns.
Pharaoh Tile
Sorry, but these tiles are clearly just made of regular rock.
Pharaoh Tile 2
Lost cousin of the original, this one adds runes and hieroglyphs.
Pharaoh Tile 3
Scientists are unable to uncover these blocks' secrets to this day.
Pharaoh Tile 4
Grates that support regular stones. Watch out for the bed of spikes.
Cossack 1 Tile
Apparently some people think this has snow physics. It doesn't.
Cossack 1 Tile (Alt)
Sandy ground with scattered snowflakes.
Cossack 1 Tile 2
TstCossack1 2.png
Russian yellow metal slated over some cold russian slippery ice.
Cossack 1 Tile 2 (Alt)
TstCossack1 2Alt.png
A session of salt-laying has left these tiles devoid of infernal ice.
Cossack 1 Tile 3
TstCossack1 3.png
Not these, though. Guess they forgot to lay salt over here.
Cossack 1 Tile 3 (Alt)
TstCossack1 3Alt.png
Wait, but it's gone here? These workers are very inconsistent.
Cossack 1 Tile 4 Pure aesthetic snow to properly fill spaces.
Cossack 2 Tile
This tileset is more colourful than a two-flavored popsicle.
Cossack 2 Tile 2
TstCossack2 2.png
These inscriptions on the pipes form a secret riddle, I swear.
Cossack 2 Tile 3
TstCossack2 3.png
We apologize to all fans of purple out here for this one is purely green.
Cossack 3 Tile
A grid of rhombuses over some yellow colored metal.
Cossack 3 Tile 2
TstCossack3 2.png
Hmm, yes. The pipes here are made of pipes.
Cossack 4 Tile
Versatile pipes and blocks, with a dedicated vent system in there.
Cossack 4 Tile 2
TstCossack4 2.png
Wonderfully rounded edges make this a fan-favorite.
Cossack 4 Tile 3
TstCossack4 3.png
Select between two playable characters, vent and coil.
Cossack 4 Tile 4
TstCossack4 4.png
These vents may look nice, but they enable traitors to travel undetected.
Wily 1 Tile
This tileset comes with a free pack of Met action figures.
Wily 1 Tile 2
TstMM4Wily1 2.png
Grates that filter out pollution from the air. How nice of Dr. Wily!
Wily 1 Tile 3
TstMM4Wily1 3.png
A moderately less generic metal tileset. Thanks, Wily.
Wily 2 Tile
Tight metal coils surrounding inner circuits and other machinery.
Wily 2 Tile 2
TstMM4Wily2 2.png
Rounded blue metal and closed shutters with monsters behind... Boo!
Wily 3 Tile
Not again! The eternal prison of waiting has reopened!
Wily 3 Tile (Alt)
Metallic blue bars with integrated circuits.
Wily 3 Tile 2
TstMM4Wily3 2.png
We should invest in drill based robot masters. If they weren't so annoying.
Wily 4 Tile
You probably never even had time to look at this tile with Wily's low budget.
Wily 4 Tile 2
TstMM4Wily4 2.png
Wily's low budget kept him from ordering more rocks for this tileset.

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