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Mega Man / Mega Man Powered Up

  • Cut Man's tileset description is a reference to the fact that most levels by the community uses Cut Man's tiles, due to the fact that it is the default tileset.
  • Cut Man's PU tileset is a reference to yule logs, usually eaten during Christmas time.
  • Guts Tile's PU tileset description references the fact that the protagonist of the original Mega Man series is called "Rockman" in Japan and is localized as "Mega Man" overseas.
  • Ice Man's tileset description is a reference to the Lazy Town song "We Are Number One", which became a meme in 2016. In a part of the song, Robbie Rotten, the villain and singer throws a banana with the intention of making Sportacus, the good guy, slip.
  • Ice Man's PU tileset's second half is a reference to Rihanna's song "Diamonds".
  • Time Tile 1 & 3 tileset description references his level being Clock Tower-themed.
  • Time Tile (Alt) references the green color of tiles in Time Man's stage in the New Style mode of Mega Man Powered Up being mostly green.
  • Challenge Tile (Alt) alludes to CWU-01P's dialog where he announces that it detected intruders.

Mega Man 2

  • Quick Tile's description references Sonic The Hedgehog, a fast blue hedgehog starring in the same-named series.
  • The animated Flash Tiles reference the song "Flash In The Dark" from Mega Man 9.
  • Heat Tile 2 is a reference to that scratching nails on a chalkboard makes a very bad noise.
  • Wily 3 Tile (Alt)'s flavor text is a modified version of the "The Truck's Coming" meme.
  • Wily 6 Tile makes reference to Wily Stage 6 from Mega Man 2 having no music.
  • Many of the Wily tileset descriptions reference the levels they are used in
  • Wily 1 Tile references the part with Pipis and Scworms
  • Wily 1 Tile 2 references the parts with Sniper Joes in tight spaces
  • Wily 1 Tile 4 references the hard ladder parts with Item-1
  • Wily 2 Tile references the fact that the player has to use Item-2 to get through a large gap with spikes
  • Wily 3 Tile (Alt) references the part with the pit enemy Big Fish
  • Wily 4 Tile references the fact that in-game some of these tiles were fake
  • Wily 6 Tile references the lack of music in the stage
  • Wily 5 Tile references the level Dragon Lab Lair by Natnatgaming101 from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 which only uses this tile.

Mega Man 3

  • Spark Tile jokes on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  • Snake Tile references the Tunnel Snakes gang from the Fallout series.
  • Needle Tile 2 references Needle Man's Doc Robot stage.
  • Magnet Tile 2 reference multiple instances in the Mega Man series where Dr. Light and Dr. Wily used to collaborate together, including, but not limited to the events of Mega Man 3.
  • Wily 1 Tile and Tile 2 reference the rock and metal found in the tilesets respectively and the similarly named music genres.
  • Wily 1 Tile 4 makes a pun on the fact that sleeping on the pipes found in the tileset would induce a "pipe dream", which is also used to refer to a goal that is nearly unattainable.
  • Wily 6 Tile mentions that the final boss of Mega Man 3, Gamma, is an unsatisfactory conclusion to the game.

Mega Man 4

  • Skull Man's tileset jokes on the commercial failure of the Atari Jaguar video game console.
  • Dust Tile (Alt) references the level Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy in which there is space junk.
  • Toad Tile's description is a pun on the words "damn", an exclamation often used to portray astonishment, and "dam", a barrier that stops the flow of water, and where Toad Man's stage is located.
  • Toad Tile 2 makes reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their love of pizza.
  • Wily 1 Tile makes reference to the various Mets in Wily Stage 1 in Mega Man 4.
  • Wily 3 Tile makes reference to the boss rematch stage from Mega Man 4, and how slow boss health bars fill in the game compared to others in the series.
  • Wily 3 Tile 2 implies that the drill-based Robot Masters in the Mega Man series, Drill Man from Mega Man 4 and Ground Man from Mega Man & Bass, are annoying.
  • Cossack 3 Tile 2 references the "Hmm, yes, the floor here is made out of floor" meme, which features Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story with an extended neck looking at a quilted blanket.
  • Cossack 4 Tile 4 references the popular video game Among Us and its venting system.

Mega Man 5

  • Crystal Tile makes reference to the jellyfish boss Gigabolt Man-o-War from Mega Man X8.
  • Napalm Tile 2 makes reference to the pain of stepping on Lego blocks, which has become a common joke associated to the product.

Mega Man 6

  • Tomahawk's tileset description also references the fact the original Mega Man 2 Wily 1 rock tiles had not been added until 1.5.
  • The descriptions of Wind Man's and Yamato Man's tilesets reference that both of them are the same, expect for a small change.
  • Knight Man's tileset description references the fact his level in Mega Man 6 is based on England.
  • Blizzard Tile 2 quotes the meme song "Spooky Scary Skeletons" in its second sentence.
  • Wind Tile 2 description references the fact that Wind Man's level in Mega Man 6 is based on China.
  • Yamato Tile 3 & Yamato Tile 3 (Alt) make reference to the fact Yamato Man's stage in Mega Man 6 is based on Japan.
  • Plant Tile references the song "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses.
  • Most alternate, recolored versions of Robot Master tilesets bear references to the "Encore Mode" in Sonic Mania Plus.

Mega Man 7

  • Spring Tile jokes on the level "Bouncy Castle" from Make a Good Mega Man Level.
  • The latter half of Freeze Man's tileset description references the flavor text that appears during Freeze Man's boss introduction screen, "Don't slip!", in the Japanese version of Mega Man 7.
  • Junk Tile references the similarity between the Telly spawner tiles in Crash Man's stage.
  • Shade Tile 1 references the tendency of builders in Mega Man Maker to use Top Tile to simulate grass.
  • Shade Tile 2 references the video game Ghosts 'n Goblins. Shade Man's stage in Mega Man 7 pays homage to the former game and the alternate theme of Shade Man's stage is a remix of the first stage theme in Ghosts 'n Goblins.
  • Burst Tile 3 and its alt reference Mario and Luigi respectively from the Super Mario franchise.
  • Turbo Tile references the lack of bounciness in the tires of the tileset, unlike the moving tires level object from Turbo Man's stage in Mega Man 7.
  • Turbo Tile 3 references a knight chess piece moving and performing a check.
  • Cloud Tile references the limitations of Mega Man Maker's autotiler; thus, the lack of fans in the tileset.
  • Wily 2 Tile references the "I Like Turtles" meme. Additionally, the second Wily stage is filled with figures of turtles while the final boss of the stage, Gamerizer, is a turtle as well.
  • Wily 4 Tile quotes Dr. Light in Mega Man 2 during which he says, "Get your weapons ready!" after obtaining either Item-1, Item-2, or Item-3.

Mega Man 8

  • Astro Tile makes reference to the fairy tale Rapunzel.
  • Astro Tile 2 (alt)'s description uses the tile's "lemon and lime" coloration to reference the tendency of fans to call 8-Bit Mega Man's buster shots "lemons" and 16-Bit Mega Man X's half-charged buster shots "limes".
  • Search Tile again references the pain of stepping on Lego blocks, which has become a common joke associated to the product in recent years.
  • Wily 3 Tile 2 mentions the venting mechanic in the game Among Us that grew in popularity in mid-2020.

Mega Man 9

  • Jewel Tile makes reference to the Youtuber RoahmMythril, who regularly plays Mega Man games, and gets excited when seeing shiny objects.
  • Galaxy Tile references the opening text crawls from various Star Wars movies.
  • Tornado Tile alludes to having been accidentally available in 1.4.2 in debug mode.
  • All the tiles from Wily 1 again reference the song Flash in the Dark from Mega Man 9.
  • Wily 2 Tile, Wily 3 Tile and Wily 4 Tile also all reference the names of their respective stage themes.
  • Endless Tile 5's description is a direct quote of one of Antichamber's many signs.

Mega Man 10

  • Blade Tile makes reference to the character Shovel Knight in the eponymous game who was nicknamed "the Cerulean Coward" by Black Knight.
  • Solar Tile 3 references Pokémon #533 in the National Pokédex, Gurdurr, which is known for lifting heavy girders.
  • Sheep Tile makes reference to the movie The Matrix.
  • Pump Tile makes reference to an early design concept of Mega Man 11 that showed a version of Pump Man's stage in a new artstyle.
  • Wily 2 Tile 2 contains a modified quote by Mega Man X7's "Splash Warfly".
  • Wily 2 Tile 3 references the popular "Crab Rave" meme and at the same time references the Crab Puncher boss in Mega Man 10. While Crab Puncher did not make those tilesets disappear, it destroyed air tilesets on its pass.
  • The first, second, and fourth Wily 5 Tiles reference the fact that the stage that the tiles appear in is upside-down—the fourth tileset description jokes how the W in "Dr. Wily" can be read upside-down as an M, thus resulting in "Dr. Mily".
  • The first two Endless tilesets from Mega Man 10 take jabs at both Tetris and Super Smash Bros.
  • Endless Tile 13 contains a subtle reference to an achievement name in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.
  • Endless Tile 15 references the catchphrase "More than meets the eye" from the series "Transformers.
  • Endless Tile 20 references Dracula's iconic quote from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Endless Tile 22 references the base rate of 1/4096 chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon games from generation 6 and onward.

Mega Man 11

  • Block Tile alludes to the shredding blades that appear in sections of Block Man's stage in Mega Man 11.
  • Tundra Tile references Pokémon #886 in the National Pokédex, Drakloak, which can only be encountered in foggy weather and whose German name, Phandra, rhymes with Tundra.
  • Torch Tile indirectly references the Fire Wall in Torch Man's stage in Mega Man 11.
  • Wily 1 Tile 2 may reference the "Technology is incredible!" and "Science is amazing!" NPCs from various games in the Pokémon series by combining both quotes into one, "Technology is amazing!".