Yamato Man

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Yamato Man
Yamato Man.png
Rockman Complete Works Artwork of Yamato Man from Mega Man 6
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 28
Programmer(s): Meka

DWN-048 Yamato Man, is one of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 6 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.7.0. Modeled after a Samurai, Yamato Man wears a purple armor and uses the Yamato Spear to launch spear heads as projectiles. He greatly respects Knight Man for his valor and honor in battle.

He was stolen and reprogrammed by Mr. X to help conquer the world but was ultimately stopped by Mega Man.


Yamato Man's official artwork from Mega Man 6.

Yamato Man takes the aesthetic of a samurai in ancient Japan, the notable exception being his purple armor. The spear that he uses resembles those of Japanese cavalry.


Yamato Man has two techniques. He can shoot one spear head and try to recover it or he can jump and shoot three spear heads.

When doing the first technique, contact with walls or the player character makes the spear head drop to the floor. This will lead Yamato Man to try to retrieve it. If he fails to get the spear head, it will disappear and he will do another attack instead. If the spear head goes to the border of a screen, he will also move to do other attack.

In his second technique, Yamato Man tries to jump to the player character's position and fires three spear heads spread through the area the player character was moving on.

Yamato Man does not have a set attack pattern and doesn't do the same attack twice.

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