Wind Man

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Wind Man
Artwork of Wind Man from Mega Man 6
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 28
Damage: 5 (contact)
4 (proppelers)

Wind Man (DWN - 047) is a boss originating from Mega Man 6, created to help with agriculture and later stolen by Mr. X. He was added to Mega Man Maker in version 1.4.0, along with Flame Man, Spring Man and Shade Man.

In - Game Functionality

Wind Man's signature weapon is the Wind Storm, however, he does not use it in battle. Wind Man can attack by pulling the player towards himself at two different speeds, one of which can be dodged by sliding away from the boss, and another which can be dodged simply by walking, which makes the player only walk in place for the duration of the attack. Trying to hit Wind Man during this move can be risky, as most weapons will require the player to face the boss to attack him.

Wind Man also attacks by hovering upwards, then flying to the player's position and dropping down to stomp them. The attack can be dodged by sliding away before the boss falls.

Wind Man's third attack is to shoot propellers at the player that move up and down. The attack is dodged by jumping over the propellers, but this needs to be done while the propellers are low enough that the player doesn't jump into them.


  • Wind Man is one of the only Robot Masters that don't use their Special Weapons.
  • Wind Man's in - game UI description does not mention his propeller attack.
  • He is believed to originate from China.