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Oil is a level object in Mega Man Maker that was added in version 1.4.0. It first appeared in Mega Man 6, in Flame Man's stage. When oil is in its normal state, it limits the mobility of the player if they step in it, including ground movement speed and jump height. Some sources of fire, including the player's weapons, enemies, bosses or other level objects will cause oil tiles to ignite. The ignited (or lit) oil functions similarly to Spikes, causing the player to lose a life upon collision. Using Skull Barrier's shield will allow the player to safely walk on ignited oil. Some sources of water will douse lit oil tiles.


This table lists all assets that interact with oil in some way. Some ignite unlit oil, and some douse lit oil.

Asset Type Reaction
SprCatWeaponsIcons 17.png Fire Storm Weapon Ignites on contact
AtomicFireIcon.png Atomic Fire Weapon Ignites on contact
FlameBlastIcon.png Flame Blast Weapon Ignites on contact
FlameBlastIcon.png Flame Blast Weapon Ignites on contact
Flame Sword Icon.PNG Flame Sword Weapon Ignites on contact
MagmaBazookaIcon.png Magma Bazooka Weapon Ignites on contact
SprWeaponIconsColor 45.png Water Wave Weapon Douses on contact
RainFlushIcon.png Rain Flush Weapon Douses on contact
SprCatEnemiesIcons 58.png Tackle Fire Enemy Ignites on contact
SprCatEnemiesIcons 19.png Hothead Enemy Ignites using projectiles
SprCatEnemiesIcons 62.png Hot Dog Enemy Ignites using projectiles
SprCatEnemiesIcons 42.png Fire Telly Enemy Ignites using projectiles
FireMetIcon.png Fire Met Enemy Ignites on contact
FireTotemIcon.png Fire Totem Enemy Ignites using projectiles
Air Fire Enemy Ignites using projectiles
FlameIcon.png Flame Man Boss Ignites using projectiles
SprCatGimmicksIcons 3.png Fire Beam Level object Ignites on contact
MBGIcon.png Magma Beam Generator Level object Ignites on contact


  • A Pooker shot by a Charge Shot will turn into an inflatable raft, if it lands on oil, regardless if it is ignited or not.
  • Surprisingly, the Oil Slider weapon has no unique functionality with regards to oil.
  • Despite Hothead's head being on fire, the enemy touching the oil will not ignite it, only its projectiles will.
  • Fire projectiles that are deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield will not ignite oil.
  • In Mega Man Powered Up there was a less lethal variant of Oil. That version only allowed the player to move with jumps and was harmful when ignited, but the path with oil would be easy to walk after the oil was fully burnt.
  • Prior to version 1.5, Water Wave could not douse oil ignited underwater.


  • When Hard Man creates an earthquake while the player is moving on the ground through oil, the player's movement momentum is reversed. If the player collides with something resembling a wall while this glitch is in effect, the player will clip into the wall or zip through it.
  • If the player using Skull Barrier's shield, is pushed into a ceiling due to oil being ignited, instead of being crushed to death, the player will instead clip into or zip through nearby walls and ceilings, depending if the player is stationary or walking.