Cracked Block

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Cracked Block
Game information
Description: Destructible block that can be broken by Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks.
Category: Level Objects
Weakness(es): Power Adaptor
Punch Block
Pile Driver
Spread Drill
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
Programmer(s): ?

Cracked Block is a level Object added to Mega Man Maker in version 1.4.0 that originated in Mega Man 6.

Cracked Blocks are solid blocks that come in a variety of skins that can match multiple tilesets from Mega Man 6. Cracked Blocks can be broken using several different player Weapons or utilities. In the Level Editor any Cracked Block can be set to have the option of one of a list of Pickups hidden within it.


The Punch Block Level Object can destroy Cracked Blocks.

The enemy Molier can destroy Cracked Blocks.

The following Weapons/Utilities can break a Cracked Block.


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