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Cracked Blocks
Cracked Blocks.png
All the various Cracked Blocks in Mega Man Maker
Description: Destructible block that can be broken by Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Cracked Blocks are a type of large, cracked 2x2 Level Objects originally from Mega Man 6 appearing in multiple stages, and are featured in Mega Man Maker. Cracked Blocks act as solid objects making them similar to Plates or standard tiles. However, if the Player Character is set to Mega Man and they hit a Cracked Block with a charged punch from the Power Adaptor the block will break and disappear. Additionally for Mega Man Maker, Punch Blocks from Mega Man 7 can also destroy Cracked Blocks hit by them. They can be destroyed with Pile Driver after the player character dashes to it and is knocked back with an explosion.

Cracked blocks have 23 different variants (14 prior to version 1.5.0), with most having unique themes and color schemes that allow them to match the aesthetics of many levels. In addition to having multiple appearances which they can be set to, Cracked Blocks can also be set to contain certain Pickups which drop when destroyed by the Power Adaptor or a Punch Block. They are set to nothing by default, but can be set to include a Small or Large Health pellet, a Small or Large Weapon Energy, an Extra Life, an E-Tank, or an M-Tank. There can only be one pickup inside each Cracked Block, unlike some in Mega Man 6 which could have up to 4.


  • Cracked Blocks are immune to Rolling Drills, with them being passed through rather than destroyed like Plates or standard tiles.
  • Cracked Blocks originally had only 14 possible appearances when first released in version 1.4.0. After version 1.5.0 they received the additional 9, which include both new styles of block as well as several new recolors of existing ones.
  • Although originating from Mega Man 6, Cracked Blocks and Push Blocks are located in the General section of the level objects menu.
  • When first teased for Mega Man Maker's 1.4.0 update alongside the Curlinger and Power Adaptor, Cracked Blocks and Push Blocks were originally referred to as Power Adaptor Blocks. However, when the update arrived they had their respective names. It is not clear if this was just a general term used to refer to them both prior to release or if they received the name change at some point in development.