Skull Barrier

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Skull Barrier
Mega S Barrier.png
Skull Barrier's concept art in Mega Man 4
Description: Protects you from spikes... until you get hit.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Damage: 2.5
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

The Skull Barrier is a shield-type weapon obtained by defeating Skull Man. When used, a number of skulls will surround the player character, absorbing a single projectile or dealing damage to any enemies that touch it. After touching a target, it disappears.

In Mega Man Maker, the shield gained an additional protection against spikes. As long as the shield is maintained, the player can touch spikes from any direction - however, the shield does not protect from other sources of instant death, such as red Force Beams or crushing. The shield will also deactivate upon entering a screen transition, so beware staying on the ground when walking across spikes in multiple rooms with it equip.


  • Skull Barrier's shield also protects the player from ignited oil, as it also behaves similarly to spikes.
  • In Mega Man 4, the weapon doesn't protect the player from spikes.


  • If Skull Barrier is active while the player is standing in Oil, and the Oil is ignited, the player will be pushed upwards one tile, allowing the player to clip into low ceiling tiles above them.