Oshitsu Osarettsu

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Oshitsu Osarettsu
Oshitsu Osarettsu.PNG
Oshitsu Osarettsu's in-game sprite from Mega Man 10
Description: Rams at you if you are level with him. Only his head is vulnerable.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
HP: 6
Damage: 5 (contact)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Oshitsu Osarettsu is a construction robot from Mega Man 10 added in 1.6.0. It stays stationary until the player gets into 9 tiles of its range. It will then rush at the player until runs into the player, runs into a wall or object, or encounters a ledge. Its weak point is the siren at the top of its head, but shots to the shield push it back and make it reset its charging pose. Its back and other unprotected areas are also vulnerable to attack.

The Oshitsu Osarettsu cannot be pushed back if it is in its original spawn point or in a ledge and it cannot be defeated by approaching to it point-black unless the player character is using armor-piercing weapons. Conveyor Belts and Moving Cogs do not move the enemy. Crash Lifts can push it vertically but not horizontally.

Oshitsu Osarettsu can turn around to block the player character with its shield if it comes close to it and manages to get at it back. To rush at the player in this status, it goes back until reaching a ledge or a wall and charges like it did before. Its initial direction can be set in the Level Builder.