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Kakinbatank in-game.PNG
Kakinbatank in-game
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
HP: 10
Damage: 4 (5 on collision)

Kakinbatank is a large robot that appeared in Mega Man 9. It can be red or green.

This robot consists on a large robot with a head, two arms, a big torso, and treads. It initially holds a shield.

In its resting phase, it sleeps while keeping a shield in its front to block possible attacks. When receiving any impact, it wakes up and moves in the direction to be closer to the player character as long as the terrain allows it, and drop the shield to damage the player character if the former gets to be close to it. Else, it will return back to its original position and sleep.

If the Kakinbatank drops the shield, it will change its strategy to keep spitting small brown pellets to the player character while standing on the same place.

When it is defeated, the Kakinbatank will have explosions that do not harm the player character.