Mash Burner

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Mash Burner
Mash Burner Artwork.png
Artwork for the Mash Burner from Mega Man 11
Game information
Description: Burner Man's apprentice. Shoot it to put out its fire and jump on it.
Damage: 3 (contact)
4 (flame)
6 (explosion)
Added in version: 1.6.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 11
Programmer(s): Luigi
Spriter(s): E-Clare

Mash Burner is an enemy from Mega Man 11, originating from Torch Man's stage. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.6.0.

Upon Mash Burner's head is a large flame that can deal contact damage to the player character. If this enemy is shot the flame will be put out, and if shot again, the Mash Burner will explode damaging the player if caught in the blast. However, if the Mash Burner is defeated with any ice weapon or water weapon, the Mash Burner will be destroyed without exploding. Ice Slasher is the only ice weapon that does not destroy Mash Burner due to Ice Slasher inflicting zero damage on enemies.

Whenever Mash Burner's flame is out the player can then land on its head, using it as a platform to jump to higher places or ride on it if the Mash Burner is mobile.

The Mash Burner's flame can interact with fire interactive Objects in Mega Man Maker; some examples are it can ignite Oil, ignite TNT, heat Hot Plates, as well as melt Ice Barrier, Chill Block, Ice Block and Melting Snow Blocks.


The following weapons can destroy the Mash Burner without triggering an explosion.

Version 1.6
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