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Role: Beta tester
Also known as N64Mario84
Richard Dawkins
Known for His engine
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion
Mega Man Unlimited (beta tester)
Discord: NMario84#6935
Website: DeviantArt

NMario84 is a former beta tester of Mega Man Maker. Aside from his main task, he made minor sprite contributions. He joined during a beta tester call after 1.3.0's release alongside AwaggKing, TimeLink, CSketch and Aze. He was dismissed from the developer team after 1.6.0's development.

NMario84 worked on a Mega Man game engine for Multimedia Fusion 2 [1] and has been involved in projects like Mega Man Unlimited as a beta tester and engine developer.



Icon Weapon Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
MegaBallIcon.png Mega Ball Sprites 1.5.0 Mega Man's kick and initial versions, edited and resumed by Zedicon


Icon Enemy Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
GabgyoIcon.png Gabgyo Sprites 1.3.0 Outside water poses

Level objects

Icon Level object Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
TeleporterIcon.png Teleporter Sprites 1.5.0 Appearing sprites after a boss defeat

Example levels

Level name Added in version Notes
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made key path 6 (dark blue teleporter), edited by AwaggKing