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Zedicon's personal staff icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Spriter (formerly)
Artist (formerly)
Website: DeviantArt

Zedicon is a former artist and spriter of Mega Man Maker. He was accepted into the team on August 2nd, 2018 during 1.5.0's development.[1] Due to medical reasons, he left during 1.6.0's development.

Zedicon's contributions on 1.5.0 were centered on sprites from Mega Man 8, since content from that game would be introduced in that update. He contributed partially or totally to the sprites of weapons, while he also designed backgrounds and tiles. [1]

Zedicon's final task for 1.5.0 was to create a promotional picture for the version. The artwork he created comprises Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass in front of Grenade Man, Astro Man, Cut Man, Plant Man, Concrete Man, and Tornado Man.[1]



Icon Boss Contribution Added in version Notes
Grenade Man Sprites 1.5.0
Astro Man


Icon Enemy Contribution Added in version Notes
HannyaAttackerIcon.png Hannya Attacker Sprites 1.5.0
PipettoIcon.png Pipetto 1.6.0


Icon Weapon Contribution Added in version Notes
MegaBallIcon.png Mega Ball Sprites 1.5.0 Icon and projectile edited from NMario84
TornadoHoldIcon.png Tornado Hold
FlashBombIcon.png Flash Bomb Sprites and sound effects Initial draft for sound effects; did sprites alongside Aze
ThunderClawIcon.png Thunder Claw Sprites
FlameSwordIcon.png Flame Sword Edited from Aze
RainFlushIcon.png Rain Flush 1.5.4 Icon
BounceBallIcon.png Bounce Ball 1.6.0


Icon Background Contribution Added in version Notes
Search BG Sprites 1.5.0 Edited from Aze's version
Search BG 2
Search BG 3
MM8 Wily 1 BG
MM8 Wily 2 BG