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Role: Musician
Sound effects creator
Spriter (minor)
Moderator (formerly)
Also known as CoinMaster
Lives in Canada
Discord: CosmicGem#6618
Website: DeviantArt

CosmicGem is a member of the Mega Man Maker team. His main role is being a musician, but he has also worked on the writing, on sound effects, on some sprites, and on some Example Levels. He also worked as a moderator.

As a freelance composer, he has contributed to some Mega Man fangames and ROM hacks, like Mega Man 4 Voyage or Mega Man Revolution Remix. He also worked as a musician for Make a Good Mega Man Level. On Mega Man Maker, he was the first member to be hired by WreckingPrograms.

While spriting was not his primary task, he designed some sprites for the game, including some from Mega Man 7 for 1.4.0.

Due to the difficulty he and the team had to recreate the instruments used in Mega Man 9, he used the instruments that tssf made for the Mega Man 9 style.[1]




  • Turbo BG (edits)

Level objects


  • Time Man
  • Intro Stage (PU)
  • Spring Man
  • Freeze Man
  • Junk Man
  • Shade Man
  • Turbo Man
  • Cloud Man
  • Wily Stage 3 (Mega Man 7)
  • Boss theme (Mega Man 7)
  • Intro Stage (Mega Man 8)
  • Sword Man
  • Search Man
  • Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man 8)
  • Wily Stage 2 (Mega Man 8)
  • Wily Stage 3 (Mega Man 8)
  • Wily Stage 4 (Mega Man 8)
  • Concrete Man
  • Jewel Man
  • Hornet Man
  • Plug Man
  • Splash Woman
  • Magma Man
  • Galaxy Man
  • Tornado Man
  • Wily Stage 1
  • Wily Stage 2
  • Wily Stage 3
  • Wily Stage 4
  • Fake Man
  • Endless Attack
  • Boss theme (Mega Man 9)

Example Levels