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JumpDashEvade's profile picture on Twitch and Youtube.
Role: Server Developer
Level Moderator
Wiki Strike Team
Also known as JDE
Gender: Male
Lives in Canada
Discord: JumpDashEvade#0770
Website: Twitch

JumpDashEvade is a server manager and level moderator for Mega Man Maker. He was hired as a level moderator alongside GamerFromTheWeb, MM2WilySt2, NotQuiteHere, and Plasma Admin on May 23, 2021. While he was not selected in the beta tester call, he was accepted as a server manager on June 17, 2021 after a successful interview. He modified the server's API to include a total death count and a death count for levels.

JumpDashEvade previously hosted fan challenges on the Mega Man Maker Official Server. He is also a level creator and content player. JumpDashEvade joined the Wiki Strike Team primarily to help restoring and adding information about Kaizo and making articles about level types.

User Type of Levels
jde173901 All sorts of levels ranging from puzzles, and concepts to glitch levels.
jde-kaizo Kaizo and Escort levels.
jde-set-1 A level pack.
coliseum One-off challenges that are difficult but addicting.

JDE maintains another account that is specifically for saving, fixing, and archiving certain levels that were deleted by the level moderators. These levels that are saved are higher quality levels or have a particular unique aspect about them that makes them stand out. This user account is named museum.