Plasma Admin

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Plasma Admin
Image: 100 pixels
Role: Discord Moderator, Wiki Strike Team member(formerly)
Level moderator (formerly)
Gender: Male
Lives in United States
Known for Protovania
Discord: Plasma Admin#2496

Plasma Admin is a moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Server and level moderator. He was accepted as a trial moderator on October 29, 2020 and promoted to full moderator on December 10 the same year.

Before moderation, he created and published a popular metroidvania level, Protovania - the Mega Metroidvania.

After applying to a level moderator call, Plasma Admin was selected as a level moderator alongside JumpDashEvade, MM2WilySt2, NotQuiteHere, and GamerFromTheWeb on May 23, 2021. He subsequently stepped down on July 23rd of the same year, citing a lack of level-testing time.

Plasma Admin later joined the Wiki Strike Team in July of 2021 to repair the wiki after a server-related incident. When the Discord server had a level to allow role icons, Plasma Admin worked on some for staff members. He left the moderation team on May 27, 2022, but returned on June 14, 2022.