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An example of a kaizo type level

Kaizos are a level type in Mega Man Maker generally associated with hard maneuvers, instant deaths, and a much higher skill level than regular mega man levels.

Although kaizo levels are thought to be really hard, they come in a few different varieties.

  • Kaizo-Light
  • Medium Kaizo
  • Hard Kaizo

Kaizo Creators

Regular kaizo community members

Kaizo Races

The Mega Man Maker community holds a weekly Blind Kaizo Race, generally held each Saturday. These races have one player who makes a level and the players will all play the same level blindly for the first time to see who can beat the level the quickest.


- The first Kaizo level was 52 A Taste of What's to Come
- There is an Easter egg in the kaizo community to hide snake tiles and a search snake somewhere in Kaizo Levels. You can see this used in many Kaizo Levels for example: 368455 - Dont Get Pushed Too Much Kaizo Race 2020
- The most difficult kaizo is thought to be 256886 - Dark Forest Of HELL NO which took ZodaNor 220 hours worth of attempts to upload.