Blind Kaizo Race

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The Blind Kaizo Race (also known as the Weekly Blind Kaizo Race or Kaizo Race) is an event that happens almost every week on Saturday, 20:00 UTC. It consists on a contest with a Kaizo level in Mega Man Maker. The race is organized on the Kaizo Community Discord and it counts with some of the best kaizo creators, players and streamers.

The Races

Here is a table of all Blind Kaizo Race levels. You can find level name, its creator, ID and version of the game which was used to play this level on Races. Highly recommended to download original version if you want to play them!

Online-indicator.png = Online. Pending-indicator.png = Pending playtest on current version. Deleted-indicator.png = Removed.
# Date Creator Level Name Level Id Version Status
1 28.07.2017 Numberss Pumped Up Kicks - Race 76110 1.0.3
2 04.08.2017 Sweetdude Frosty Frustrations 90580
3 11.08.2017 Kelev Mechasaur 111076
4 18.08.2017 Sweetdude Specter Deflector - 25 Rooms of Doom 120039
5 25.08.2017 Cylvanis Kaizo Soze 126472
6 01.09.2017 Savvy eh There are no guns in robot heaven 133236
7 08.09.2017 DaviEu Race to the top 137416