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The Mega Man Maker Forums (usually abbreviated as the MMM Forums) were Mega Man Maker's official forums. They were a place where discussions regarding Mega Man Maker and other topics took place. It acted as an alternative to the Discord server. The Forums run in phpBB, a free software system for forums, and used eeji's Flat style as a skin.

The forums were created by WreckingPrograms, Mors and Alex on June 4, 2017.

The forums were discontinued following a server damage that caused the loss of Mega Man Maker's website in 2021. Goldstorm announced that the forums would not be restored and would be abandoned in favor of the previously ignored subreddit, r/MegaMakerOfficial.


The forum rules were posted on June 7, 2017 by WreckingPrograms.[1] The thread appears in the Announcements category of all forums.


The Mega Man Maker Forums contained 5 sections with 15 forums and 1 subforum with 2 of those forums and sections not visible to users without a forum account. The list of sections, forums, and subforums can be found here.

Administration & Roles The Mega Man Maker forums had 6 roles to distinguish developers, beta testers, moderators, and the bot from other users. These roles are:

  • Project leader
  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Global Moderators
  • Beta testers
  • real pronto man

A list of all current and former team members on the forums can be found here.

Challenge Coordinators

There was a group called the "Challenge Coordinator" on the forums. Its members had the task to host the ongoing challenge event or other official level contests on the forums and Discord server.

The Challenges were started by dolphin who would organize the contests until he was banned on September 23, 2018. Assistant Aze was promoted to Coordinator and was the only member until V1ralGam3r joined before the Nature Wrath Challenge.

On June 30, 2019, since both wanted to resign, Aze left the group while V1ralGam3r would remain the Challenge Coordinator until the end of the Level Creation Contest 2019. NotQuiteHere joined afterwards but was quickly demoted.

On July 21, 2019, WreckingPrograms announced the end of the Challenges on the forums, removing the group as well. While the Challenge Event was restored in 2021 and NotQuiteHere was reinstated as Challenge Coordinator, the change was never shown in the forums.


  • There was a retired role known as "Spanish Inquisition" that was briefly used on the forums as a joke.
  • The role "real pronto man" was based on the Pronto Man meme that originated in the forums.