Authentic MM1 Oil Man

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Authentic MM1 Oil Man
Creator: TheSkipper1995
Playable characters: Mega Man
Settings: Charge disabled
Slide disabled

Authentic MM1 Oil Man is a Mega Man Maker level that is traditional in nature. This level was made by TheSkipper1995.

The level involves Mega Man traveling through a fan-made interpretation of what Oil Man's stage may have looked like if limited to assets and limitations of Mega Man 1, to defeat Ice Man. The level bears some loose similarities to the official Oil Man stage from Mega Man Powered Up.

This level is featured as part of the Example Levels, that has come pre-installed into all downloads of Mega Man Maker since version 1.1.0 of Mega Man Maker. The level was likely chosen as an Example Level due to showing off the new 8-bit Mega Man Powered Up assets introduced in Version 1.1.0.

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  • This level has a sibling stage that is also an Example Level, named Authentic MM1 Time Man.
  • Oil Man does not feature as a boss in this Example Level due to not existing in Mega Man Maker at the time. He was substituted with another boss newly added as of Version 1.1.0, which was Ice Man.