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Role: Beta tester
Also known as Jordan Delp
Known for Mega Man 2: Atari De-Make
Website: GameJolt

TheSkipper1995 is a game developer. He was also a beta tester for Mega Man Maker from the development of version 1.0.0 to before the release of version 1.5.0.

The concept of Atomic Fire comes from TheSkipper1995: MrKyurem convinced WreckingPrograms to make the weapon work like it did in TheSkipper1995's game Mega Man 2: Atari De-Make. TheSkipper1995 also made two Example Levels for version 1.1.0 that adapted two levels from Mega Man Powered Up to Mega Man Maker to celebrate the update.

TheSkipper1995 helped with programming and design for the fangame Mega Man Shattered Diamond.[1]


Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version
Authentic MM1 Oil Man 1.1.0
Authentic MM1 Time Man